How to choose the ideal cut?

To choose among the different short haircuts, it is necessary to take some things into consideration. The first step is to research what different types of cuts are possible according to the texture of your hair . Find more here: cute baddie hairstyles

It is important to note that the same cut can present completely different results according to your hair type . In general, women with thicker strands should opt for layered cuts, while whole cuts value more thin locks and with little volume.

You can also choose to choose according to your face type . Hair is the frame of our faces, and a cut that matches the shape of yours can work wonders.

Also take into account the time you will have to be able to straighten the wires daily. If you want to have little work in the morning, opt for short hair that is practical enough to be styled quickly.

How to care for short hair ?

Different short haircuts need care to look beautiful for longer. When washing the hair , use a shampoo appropriate for your hair type, remembering to apply the shampoo on the scalp and the conditioner only on the tips, since it is necessary to keep them hydrated.

The same goes for products like hydration masks and hair oils. Avoid the root region as this will cause your hair to become excessively oily. Try to maintain a care routine that includes weekly or fortnightly hydration, depending on the needs of your hair.

Invest in products with a sun protection factor , since, depending on the cut, your scalp may be more exposed to the sun.

It is important to emphasize that attention to the scalp is essential for the hair that begins to grow to come healthy. Do massage in this region to stimulate blood circulation and facilitate the healthy growth of your wires.

You can massage when washing your hair and also when you are hydrating, which will help the product to better penetrate the hair fiber and allow its action to be enhanced.
How to keep the cut?

Our hair grows. Whether at a faster or slower pace, our locks will eventually grow, which implies loss of cut in the case of short hair.

Depending on the cut , it may take some time for the shape to be lost. Some short haircuts, however, lose shape more quickly.

You can inquire with the hairdresser about how to trim the hair at home or go to a salon to maintain the cut.

So, are you already excited to get into the scissors and have your new short, practical and beautiful hair? There are certainly plenty of options. You can even download applications that simulate how a haircut will look to deepen your tests. And then, time to say hi to the scissors!

Now that you know what types of short haircuts are in fashion and how to choose your favorite type of haircut, here's a homemade hydration recipe for those who need to recover their hair without having to go to the beauty salon. .